US Youth Sports


US Youth Sports Safer Pool Decking, SPD. These pads were designed to minimize the possibility of of slip and fall injuries in wet areas. Should a fall occur they were impact tested @ 6m/s with a DOT "C" head form. They passed with flying colors and beat Skydex impact mitigation mats in impact energy absorbsion at 1/2 the cost. Please email for more information.

Advanced Combat Helmet, ACH liner and pad set. This setup out performs the current ACH pad set while allowing most users to use 1 size smaller helmet. The use of 1 size smaller helmet reduces the soldiers exposure to enemy fire while reducing the  weight and increasing the comfort level. Sales restricted to Military and Law Enforcement only. U.S. Navy Combat Corpsmen ask how you can receive a free set.

The womens lacrosse head gear in the movie below was impact tested @ 6m/s on a flat steel anvil before the comfort testing. This foam head gear will reduce the number of concussions in womens lacrosse by > 50%. If there is suficiant interest we will have these produced. The estimated cost is < $20.00 each plus shipping.