US Youth Sports

Mission: To reduce the number of concussions

 in youth sports through the education of organizations,
coaches, parents, and participants.

About Us & Downloads

US Youth Sports was formed to raise the awareness of TBI, traumatic brain injuries, also known as concussions in youth sports. The awareness has risen recently due to media coverage but we still need to raise awareness at all levels of youth sporting events. This issue needs to be brought to the attention of local schools, clubs, and to get the national programs involved when it comes to TBI. We wil continue to lobby national programs, clubs, and school to continue to raise awareness. Many of the national programs have done a good job of raising awareness, US Lacrosse, USA Hockey, and USA Football, to name a few, others at both the regional and local level are not doing as well.

US Youth Sports is proposing a 3 prong approach .

1. Require the the CDC concussion awareness poster be placed at all youth sporting venues.

2. Require all coaches take the free CDC concussion awareness training class.

3. Require a parent consent letter, that requires a parent have the child cleared by a medical professional before they can return to play after being diagnosed with TBI.

Please feel free to use the downloadable forms below.


David Millar

Executive Director

Downloadable forms. Please feel free to use these and require your club, team, coach, and parents to do the same.